At Drink Fit Club, we are are #TeamTreatsAndRewards when it comes to alcohol free challenges. These are the little things that help us through the tougher days, offer a bit of self-care or recognize a milestone.

When we are used to using alcohol as a reward, it can be hard to think of alternates. We also have to re-train our brains to get excited about things other than wine o’clock and get those fabulous little hits of dopamine we used to get from a cocktail from a place that’s more healthful. Truth be told, we are also often stingy with ourselves when it comes to life’s simple plesaures and allowing our own enjoyment. There are a lot of things that we love to treat ourselves with, so we’ll share a few to get your gears turning.

  • Fancy coffee drinks or a pound of fine coffee
  • A yoga class
  • Artisanal tea
  • Books (especially quit lit — we love a story of triumph or useful tips and advice from people who’ve been there)
  • Dark chocolate
  • A meal at your favorite restaurant or takeout
  • A soft, cozy scarf
  • Fresh flowers
  • Yummy candles (that we actually burn and don’t just “save” for some other time)
  • New music
  • Trying a new NA beverage
  • A long, luxurious hot bath with all of the yummy bath things
  • Nature (usually in the form of hiking)

This is really about whatever you love and decide is a treat or reward. Create your own list in your phone notes, journal or on a notepad to keep handy. Add items to it any time you think of them. Pick an item or activity from the list as a weekly treat, when you hit a milestone or when you are feeling low or having a craving. Treat yourself, often and with zeal! You’ve got this!

What are your favorite treats and rewards? Share, so we can get more ideas!