Replacement drinks (aka zero proof cocktails, mocktails, alcohol-free beer and wine) are great and all, but that’s not the only thing to reach for when you are moderating your alcohol intake, or living that #AlcoholFree life.

Some of our tried and true tools are:

  1. Caring for our plant babies
  2. Coffee and tea
  3. Yoga
  4. Getting out in nature
  5. Treats (think chocolate or your favorite dessert — in moderation, of course)
  6. Meditation
  7. Exercise (especially walks and biking, because we think it’s fun, so think FUN)
  8. Journaling
  9. Music
  10. Crafting
  11. A hot bath
  12. Old hobbies
  13. New hobbies

What are you reaching for today instead of wine (or beer or tequila shots)? What new or old hobbies are you exploring?.