Did you know that meditation can help curb cravings? Many people avoid it due to the popular misnomer that to meditate we have to clear our minds of all thoughts. That’s physically impossible, but noting our thoughts is doable and helps with focus and self-awareness, while deep breathing activates our sympathetic nervous system, giving us a sense of calm.

According to the Mayo Clinic the emotional benefits of meditation can include:

✔️ Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
✔️Building skills to manage your stress
✔️ Increasing self-awareness
✔️ Focusing on the present
✔️ Reducing negative emotions
✔️ Increasing imagination and creativity
✔️ Increasing patience and tolerance

Some of our favorite apps are My Life, Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer, which offer countless meditations, courses and more (if you are on a tight budget, Insight offers the most free content of the bunch).

If you can breathe you can meditate! Are you already a meditator? Tell us about your practice or drop your favorite apps in comments.