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Hi and welcome to the Drink Fit Club. We are a fun-loving community founded by lifestyle journalist Melanie Warner Spencer. We offer inspiration, motivation, alcohol free drink recipes and reviews, news, events and more to help support your alcohol free or moderation adventures. We love good drinks and good times — we’re based in New Orleans, after all — but we also love being healthy, slaying our goals and being otherwise active, attractive and in-demand — which isn’t easy when we are boozin’ it up. Learn more on our About Us page, visit The Clubhouse blog and otherwise amble around the Club at your leisure. We hope to see a lot of you around these parts. Cheers!

Why take a break from alcohol?


Better sleep, more energy and clearer, brighter skin.


Improved clarity, focus and mental energy.


Increased immunity and improved vision.


Lower blood pressure, risk of stroke and heart problems.


Decreased spending on booze and increased cash in the bank.


More even moods, less anxiety and overall improved mental health.

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Calming Box Breathing

Calming Box Breathing

Box breathing is a yogic pranayama (breathing) technique that engages the parasympathetic nervous system, transitioning us from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest,” mode. Use this simple breathing method when you are feeling anxious or stressed or just need a little reset.

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Things Drink Fit Club Members Say

“Up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and at my desk for a writing workshop!” — Stacy

“It has become great lifestyle.” — Claudia

“Going on three weeks. More energy than I have had in ages. Thank you for inspiring me. I can not believe how much I can do. Thank you, thank you.” — Rita

“Feeling better already.” — Ardyn